Universal Water

Universal Water: The Ancient Wisdom and Scientific Theory of Water (Inner Ocean Publishing 2002) was written for both a technical and non-technical readership. It examines water from the perspectives of science, naturalism, and ancient wisdom. The contention that water serves as a mediator for planetary and universal phenomena is examined in light of philosophies, theories, and insights (frequently unfamiliar and controversial) shared throughout human history. 

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Altered Perceptions

Altered Perceptions: Addressing the Real Water Crises (Unlimited Publishing 2006) focuses on prevalent views of water in the industrialized world and their influence on crises facing freshwater resources and the oceans. Rather than suggesting solutions to such crises, the book explores perceptions through which we might attain a more balanced relationship with water. Altered Perceptions was written specifically for a non-technical audience and requires no background in water science.  

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Hydromimicry: Strategies for a Water Planet (Water Sciences & Insights 2010) explores the micro- and macro-scale roles of water with a focus on supporting or emulating them in our approach to resource challenges (e.g., food, energy, climate). Water can serve as a model for the decisions and strategies we employ to address today's environmental and technological issues, including those rarely associated with water. The book presents thirty examples of mimicking water's attributes. 

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Recent Articles


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