Water Sciences & Insights

Water Sciences & Insights was founded in the first year of the millennium as a web-based, live, and interactive forum for exploring water and its myriad processes within the universe. Such explorations encompass the sciences, ancient traditions, naturalism, and related disciplines that present an opportunity to consciously formulate, or reformulate, perceptions of water. In this capacity, there is an emphasis on exploring and coalescing diverse perspectives and insights. A key to meeting our challenges with water may be moving beyond the commonly held views that created those challenges. Such a transition might emerge from our "knowing" water according to many different modalities.
The web-based components of this forum consist of:
a preview of West's books and articles addressing water;
access to archived interviews, exhibitions, and presentations;
an evolving collection of explorations and insights into water;
books, articles, and documentaries revealing water's nature.

The live and interactive components of this forum consist of:
lectures or workshops emphasizing water quality and perception;
opportunities to perceive or actually experience water differently;
critiques of and assistance with a variety of water-related projects.
A Multimedia Water Forum by DL 'West' Marrin, PhD
The forum originated with a series of informal lectures by West, whose fascination with water may be traced to a lifetime of experiential and intellectual endeavors. His career includes teaching, consulting, and applied research through nonprofit organizations, universities, and private corporations (click here for more on his background).