Presentations and Interviews


Symposia and Conferences

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2018 Geophysical Methods, Scientific data quality/uncertainty in describing nature.
2017 Water Resources, A pattern-based approach to evaluating water quality.

2014 Ocean Sciences, Communicating ocean science via spatial/temporal patterns.

2018 Geophysical Methods (pdf)


2017 Water Resources (pdf)


2014 Ocean Sciences (pdf)


Selected Audio Interviews

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The Water Cycle & Global Climate with Peter Gleick, water/climate scientist.


Water, Art & Music with David Rothenberg, nature-oriented musician/composer.

Water Crises: A Different Approach with Peter Warshall, scientist/anthropologist.

Oceans as Planetary Indicator & Controller with David Helvarg, writer/filmmaker. 

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Water's Surprising Functions in the Universe as interviewed by Elizabeth Lipski

Recognizing Our Perceptions of Water as interviewed by Betsy Rosenberg

Why Water Is Familiar and Yet Mysterious as interviewed by Karen Elkins 


Selected Video Clips

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A Pattern Language for Art-Science (Global Challenges Congress)

Water Inspires Design via Hydromimicry (Water & Arts Exhibition)

Ancient and Traditional Views of Water (Global Gathering Discourse)

Schedule for Featured Presentations

Feb 2020---Biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting; San Diego, California (ASLO/TOS)

Apr 2019---Discourse on Human Pattern Recognition; Vancouver, Canada (DVI)

Oct 2018---Wastewater Exfiltration Workshop; San Diego, California (SCAP)

May 2017---Quadrennial World Water Congress; Cancun, Mexico (IWRA)

Mar 2016---Virtual Art Exhibition for Water Works; Australia (Waterwheel)

Sep 2015---International Water Footprint Conference; Madrid, Spain (SUST4IN)

Feb 2014---Biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting; Honolulu, Hawaii (ASLO/TOS)

May 2013---Geophysical Meeting of the Americas; Cancun, Mexico (AGU) 
Mar 2012---Virtual Symposium on Water and Landscapes; Tunisia (Sousse Univ.) 
Aug 2011---Fate & Toxicity of Pollutants Conference; Merida, Mexico (SETAC) 
May 2010---Water Strategies Workshop; Valle de Bravo, Mexico (Somos Agua)
Dec 2009---Water & Low Carbon Energy Symposium; Sanya, China (Tongji Inst.) 
Jun 2008---Global Water & Sustainability Exposition; Zaragoza, Spain (BIE) 

Feb 2007---Hanalei Watershed Workshop; Kauai, Hawaii (USGS/USDOI) 
Jun 2006---Clean Oceans Conference; Kauai, Hawaii (Save Our Seas)