Water Sciences & Insights

Insightful References
Brief insights about water are posted during each equinox and solstice of the year. Insights are grouped chronologically, rather than categorically, and may be read by clicking on the corresponding years. Insights are one paragraph and references pertinent to them may be accessed at the bottom of this page.

2001-2002. Earth's Climate Regulator; Electrified Clouds; A Sound Environment; Underwater Music; DNA's Secret Ingredient; The Strangest Ice; Ocean Memories; Birthing a Star.

2003-2004. Water's Geometry (parts 1 & 2); Network Complexity; Structuring Water; Enigmatic Seawater; Solar Water; A Legendary Mediator; Etheric Symbolism.

2005-2006. A Water Crisis; Humming Along; Primordial Waters; Changing Perceptions; Quantum Weirdness; Water and Rock; Rock and Water; Pharm Waters.

2007-2008. The Deep Water Cycle; Chaotic Fractals; Making More Water; Water Ethics; Water and Energy (parts 1 & 2); Sequestering Carbon; Carbon for Water.

2009-2010. Vortex Technology; Saltwater Power; Restoring Wetlands; A Water Tree; Life's Two Waters; Water Channels; Contaminant Pulses; Water Footprints.

2011-2012. Water's Exclusion Zones; Water and Architecture; Fracking Groundwater, Oceanic Highways; Watershed Patterns; The Master Resource; Spacey Water; Algae's Many Worlds.

2013-2014. Conflicts and Water; Water Jazz; Geoengineering Water; GPS Tracking of Water; Tap Versus Bottled; Eating Water; Epic Droughts; Civilization Collapses.
2015-2016. Plasma from Water; Water from Plasma; Foggy Resources; ENSO Again?; Anthropocene H2O; Rivers in the Air; Underwater Waves; Too Much Seaweed. 
Water is a topic that is addressed by a wide range of scientific disciplines and by an even broader array of nonscientific endeavors. This section is updated periodically to include a sampling of books, articles, and documentaries that delve into water and water-related phenomena. References are broadly categorized as General Interest or Technical/Scientific, and each reference is subcategorized as indicated below. Click on the category to view the corresponding list of references.

General Interest includes commentaries, mixed essays, documentaries, and magazine articles addressing water in terms of naturalism, history, myth, religion, art, music, society, policy, and non-technical accounts of science and engineering.

Technical/Scientific includes journal papers, reviews, and books addressing water's biological, cosmic, global, and environmental roles, as well as its molecular network, physical properties, chemical processes, and emerging technologies.
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