Water Sciences & Insights

Interview Programs
"Transforming Water Scarcity into Water Abundance" with Ann Audrey Phillips and Brad Lancaster, water harvesting designers and permaculturists.

"The Water Cycle and Global Climate Change" with Peter Gleick, a water resource and global climate scientist.

"Water and The Arts: A Human Experience" with David Rothenberg, a nature-oriented musician and composer.

"The Oceans: Planetary Indicator and Controller" with David Helvarg, an ocean activist, writer, and producer.

"Water and Biological Life: The Essential Ingredient?" with Steve Meyerowitz, an expert in natural foods and water.

"Water Crises: Time for a Different Approach?" with guest Peter Warshall, a water scientist and anthropologist.
"The Science and Mysticism of Water" West's interview with Michael Toms, New DImensions Broadcasting.
"Changing Perceptions of Water" West's interview with Betsy Rosenberg, Progressive Radio Network.
"Perspectives on Current Water Topics" West's interview with Karen Elkins, Science to Sage Radio. 
Symposia & Exhibitions
Mar 19-21, 2016---Curator/Moderator, Water Works Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia (Waterwheel)
Sep 29, 2015---Speaker, International Water Footprint Conference, Madrid, Spain (SUST4IN)
May 21-23, 2014---Panelist, Water-Energy-Climate Conference, Mexico City, Mexico (IWA)
Feb 23-28, 2014---Speaker, Biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, HI (ASLO/TOS)
May 14-17, 2013---Speaker, Geophysical Meeting of the Americas; Cancun, Mexico (AGU)   

Jun 27-29, 2012---Presenter, Environmental Geotechnology Symposium; Pasadena, CA (ISEG)

Mar 22, 2012---Speaker, Virtual Symposium on Water and Landscapes; Tunisia (Sousse Univ.) 

Aug 24-27, 2011---Speaker, Fate & Toxicity of Pollutants Conference; Merida, Mexico (SETAC) 

May 5-7, 2010---Keynote, Water Strategy Workshop; Valle de Bravo, Mexico (Somos Agua)

Dec 7-10, 2009---Keynote, Water & Low Carbon Energy Symposium; Sanya, China (Tongji Inst.) 

Feb 17-20, 2009---Presenter, North American Carbon Meeting; San Diego, CA (NACP)  

Jun 15-22, 2008---Contributor, Global Water & Sustainability Exposition; Zaragoza, Spain (BIE)

May 24-25, 2008---Organizer/Presenter, Virtual Forum on Nature's Geometry; Hawaii (WS&I) 

Jun 9-10, 2007---Educator/Lecturer, Clean Oceans Conference; Kauai, HI (Save Our Seas) 

Feb 21-22, 2007---Presenter, Hanalei Watershed Workshop; Kauai, HI (USGS/USDOI) 

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Selected Presentations
2015 Annual Geophysical Meeting, San Francisco, CA (AGU)
"Personal water footprints, consumer food choices, and local water resources"
2014 World Congress on Global Challenges, Yokohama, Japan (ISA)  "Developing a pattern language for science-engineering-art-design (SEAD)"
2011 Aqua Science, Water Resources and the Arts, virtual symposium (WS&I) "Hydromimicry: water as an inspiration for design"
2011 World Conference on Ecological Restoration, Yucatan, Mexico (SER) "Restoring coastal water quality by limiting groundwater pollutant discharges"
2010 Water Works Exhibition, Oakland, CA (California College of Arts)  "Changing and shifting our perceptions of water"
2009 Water/Energy Sustainability Symposium, Salt Lake City, UT (GWPC) "Possible impacts of carbon sequestration on ground water resources"
2007 Headwaters to Ocean Conference, Long Beach, CA (CCC)          "Strategies for selecting sewage indicators in nearshore coastal waters
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